About Us

FK Minija is a Swiss brand representing high-quality equipment for aerobics, yoga, and pilates. Accessories for aerobics FK Minija, are very popular with fitness clubs when equipping aerobics halls and studios of group programs.

A distinctive feature of FK Minija aerobics equipment is that all accessories for aerobics step platform, cord-board, gymnastic mat, yoga mat, block for yoga, gymnastic ball, gymnastic stick (body bar), dumbbells, expander, medical ball, etc. are made of environmentally friendly materials.

Group aerobics programs are very popular in fitness clubs, including such directions as Power aerobics, dance aerobics, aerobics step, fitness aerobics, even aerobics boxing (taibo) and many others. Healthy lifestyle enthusiasts are increasingly interested in fashionable fitness trends – yoga and pilates.

FK Minija the company specializes exclusively in equipment for aerobics and aqua aerobics, yoga and pilates, being one of the main suppliers of equipment and accessories for aerobics.

FK Minija the equipment has successfully established itself in the fitness industry markets in many countries and has positive feedback from professionals. FK Minija aerobics accessories will satisfy even the most demanding professionals, not to mention amateurs, with their impeccable quality. FK Minija equipment is a good mood.

Advantages of the company

Company FK Minija is one of the leading manufacturers of gymnastics equipment. The company has long had a strong reputation as a reliable manufacturer, whose products are always of high quality and safety. FK Minija products are in demand not only among beginners fitness lovers but also among professionals who know all the subtleties of sport and selection of accessories.

The company FK Minija cares not only about the buyers. Therefore, not only the quality of the raw materials from which the aerobics accessories are made is strictly controlled, but also the entire production process. It allows making the products of the brand and factories as safe as possible for people and the environment.

Gymnastics equipment and all that is necessary for aerobics are the main directions of work of FK Minija company. Specialists have been developing and applying the most modern technologies and equipment for many years. As a result, all aerobics accessories manufactured under the FK Minija brand meet the highest standards of quality and safety. The best materials ensure ease of use and durability of aerobics equipment.

Offers from FK Minija

Today FK Minija is also represented in the market of sports goods. Sports goods produced under this brand are in constant demand and receive well-deserved praise from sports professionals. The company sells its goods not only at retail but also in large quantities. It allows using such high-class equipment for equipment of fitness clubs.

The clubs often have group classes with different types of aerobics. And the equipment used in such institutions should be distinguished by the highest degree of reliability and durability, as well as durability. All these requirements are met by FK Minija products.

The range of fitness products includes suitable equipment for both professional athletes and beginners. And those who simply choose to do aerobics in order to get in shape for a particular season or date. Classes with the use of FK Minija equipment will definitely cheer you up and bring pleasure.