Do Psychics Read Minds

Is telepathy possible? Is that what most psychics are truly doing? What regarding tools … are they REALLY connecting with spirits, or rather, are they merely reviewing the ideas of the people who contact them for aid?

Telepathy or the transference of information from one to the next is just one of the most amazing locations of psychical study there is.

Believe it or not … there is lots of extremely convincing proof that telepathy is not just a real phenomenon, but that it’s something that can explain much concerning exactly how psychic analyses work also.

Surprisingly though … numerous paranormal scientists, parapsychologists as well as new age aficionados do NOT like the suggestion that psychics might read minds when offering clairvoyant or average design solutions.

Well, a minimum of when it comes to mediumship, it might verify that power and info CAN be moved from person to person, yet it doesn’t confirm that the afterlife is real, or that our enjoyed ones live on after physical death.

Several mediums totally discount the concept of telepathy altogether, as well as will certainly typically describe that much of the information they get during reading was NOT known to the customer or caller … which helps in reducing the likelihood that they read MINDS, as opposed to connecting with spirits.

Other explanations for telepathy or the purchase of info making use of the psychic ability is that the real “universe” itself is made up of information, which a good psychic reading is merely tuning into that field and picking up imprints of that details, and repeating it back.

Numerous well-known psychics and tools, including the late, world-famous Edgar Caycee, mentioned what he called an “Akashic Record” which was extremely comparable to an info area and where all occasions … both past, present as well as future “lived” at any once, and could be accessed by anyone who had the present.

Sound a bit out there?

Reconsider! The world popular psychotherapist, Carl Jung additionally spoke of something extremely similar … which he called the “collective unconscious”, as well as after this very own unbelievable near fatality experience, he created that THIS world is really the “dream” one as well as the globe that awaits all of us is even more real.

My own ideas?

I certainly think that telepathy is actual and that lots of psychics can “check out minds” to some extent, but don’t believe that it rationalizes a few of the amazing abilities others seem to possess too.

My own experiences with tools that have communicated with the spirits (or energies) of individuals I have loved as well as lost… and in doing so, have told me points I really did not know myself, provides me assurance that there is something even more effective than simple telepathy going on …:–RRB- (although naturally, numerous would suggest that the suggestion of thought transference itself is so impressive that it should not be called basic!).

What do YOU think? Truthfully? The entire area of spiritual science and also the interconnectedness of ALL points is my preferred subject to chat (as well as write) about and also exploring these mysteries of the mind (and also spirit) have actually made MY life seem like one big, continuous, interesting journey and also I’m glad to have you take part on the ride!