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Catfish, common name for regarding 2200 species of fishes, of which some 1200 are South American. Two family members are mainly marine. All other families occupy fresh water. Catfishes are mainly nocturnal scavengers, living near all-time low in superficial waters.

The name catfish is originated from the feelers, or barbels, that expand from each side of the upper jaw of the fish and also, in some varieties, from the lower jaw additionally, recommending the hairs of a pet cat. The dorsal as well as pectoral fins are typically bordered with sharp spinal columns, in many cases toxic, which are utilized in defense as well as can bring upon extreme injuries. Members of several catfish family members in South America are covered with bony plates. A European types, the sheatfish, or wels, is the biggest catfish, supposedly getting to a weight of 290 kg (650 pound) as well as a length of nearly 4 m (almost 13 feet).

The blind catfish, discovered in caves in eastern Pennsylvania, has atrophied eyes, as well as the electrical catfish of the Nile River and also exotic main Africa can offering an electric shock. Another weird catfish, the so-called strolling catfish, initially occurred in eastern India and Southeast Asia. In 1968, it was uncovered near Boca Raton, Florida, following its import by tropical-fish suppliers.

Its optimum size is 56 centimeters (22 in). In “walking” to locations of much deeper water in dry spells, this catfish crosses land (between bodies of water) by a slinking motion integrated with a knocking of its tail. Furthermore, a stout spine in each pectoral fin digs into the ground to assist balance and drive the fish. It is able to breathe air by means of a modified gill arch that forms an air chamber.
Some types of catfish are believed to be among the biggest freshwater fish on the planet. A sampling of giant catfish, (Pangasianodon gigas) netted in 2005 in the Mekong River in northern Thailand, reportedly evaluated 293 kg (646 pound) and measured 2.7 m (9 ft) in size.

Of the various varieties of North American catfishes, the bullhead is typically fished for eating. Of best commercial value are fishes in the Mississippi River valley and also the Gulf states, some of which consider as long as 70 kg (as long as 150 lb). The blue catfish, or chucklehead, and also the network catfish, the flesh of which is esteemed as equal to that of black bass, create the huge part of the harvest.

Catfishes currently account for concerning half of the sustainable aquaculture production in the USA. Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, California, and also Louisiana all have comprehensive catfish farms; there are a total of concerning 60,700 hectares (concerning 150,000 acres) of catfish farms in these as well as other states. The United States production of farm-raised catfishes enhanced from less than 90 million kg (less than 200 million lb) in 1985 to greater than 200 million kg (greater than 450 million lb) in 1992, and also business sales of farmed catfishes were approximated at around 200 million kg (concerning 450 million pound) in 1993. New technologies such as genetic renovation, recirculating systems, and control of illness may continue to advertise the growth of this market.

Catfishes compose the order Siluriformes. The two marine family members are Ariidae and also Plotosidae. The sheatfish is categorized as Silurus glanis, the blind catfish as Gronias nigrilabris, the electric catfish as Malapterurus electricus, and the strolling catfish as Clarias batrachus. Bullhead belong to the family Ictaluridae. Heaven catfish is identified as Ictalurus furcatus, and the channel catfish as Ictalurus punctatus.

Channel Catfish
The channel catfish is a commercially vital food fish. Its delicious flesh has been compared to black bass. Originally located in freshwater streams as well as lakes in central and eastern parts of the USA and also southerly Canada, network catfish have been introduced widely throughout the USA. Catfish farming, or increasing catfish commercially in huge ponds, is broadening quickly in the southeastern United States.

Brown Bullhead
Valued for food and sporting activity, the brown bullhead, a North American varieties of catfish, stays in numerous freshwater streams in the eastern USA. Normally measuring less than 46 cm (18 in) long, the brown bullhead displays the typical whiskerlike feelers that offer the catfish its name. The brown bullhead is thought about one of the most commercially essential of all catfish.

Catfish Walking on Land
Catfish (named for whiskerlike feelers on their jaws) are a diverse collection of solid fish that have adapted to life in a selection of settings. There are more than 2000 different species. One sort of catfish, Clarias batrachus, commonly referred to as the walking catfish, is belonging to shallow ponds in eastern India as well as Southeast Asia. When dry spells trigger shallow ponds to run out, the strolling catfish can taking a trip across land to relocate to much deeper ponds. It utilizes its pectoral fins and tail to wriggle throughout the ground, or “stroll,” looking for an ideal brand-new pond, surviving on oxygen kept in an air chamber in its gill arc.