Scandinavian walking with sticks

Each sport is based on a special technique, which you can learn to achieve the desired result. Nordic walking is no exception to this rule. The right technique is incredibly important in Nordic walking.

It can only be mastered under the guidance of an experienced Scandinavian walking instructor who will not only show you the correct movements, but will also give you individual training recommendations.

And it will be interesting to learn the correct technique of Scandinavian walking for everyone, and for beginners and experienced athletes, fans of walking with sticks. The duration of mastering the technique is influenced by the general physical training and health of the athlete. On average, the study of recovery methods requires 3-6 sessions.

Recommendations and instructions for selecting equipment

The main equipment, which should be taken into account in the choice of all the recommendations of experienced masters, are sticks for walking. Please note that ski poles are not suitable for this sport.

You should choose special Nordic walking sticks and avoid buying equipment made of cheap, low-quality aluminium. Such equipment wears out quickly, giving additional stress to the joints. The choice of sticks should be based on the following formula: height * by 0.68.

This is the height of the sticks you need for safe and effective Nordic walking.

The technique is a step in between.

If you’ve been skiing, then you should be well aware of Scandinavian walking and its study instructions. It consists in the fact that the right leg and the left hand are carried out first and then the other way around.

This technique requires attention at first because of the hypodynamics many of us find it difficult to coordinate movements. It is important to be aware of your movements, to feel your movements, then the correct technique of walking will not be difficult to master.

An important point in the process of studying the correct technique of “northern step” is the exact setting of the foot. The movement should go only through the heel, and when in contact with the ground or other surface of the foot should be rolled tightly. The weight of the body is initially transferred to the fingertips, and then this load is taken by the fingers themselves.

According to the instructions at this stage of movement it is especially important that the push comes from the surface of a wide area of the foot: in this case, during the Nordic walking you will not have any tension or unpleasant feelings.

You can get the most information about Nordic walking with sticks from an experienced master of Finnish walking, Anastasia Poletaeva, whom she shared in her book “Nordic Walking. Tips of a famous trainer”.

Simultaneous pitch technique

This technique is reminiscent of classic ski movements and is used when climbing on an inclined surface. The chosen technique assumes that the Nordic walking sticks will be at the heel level, with the emphasis on the hands, which should work simultaneously.

It strengthens the muscles of the arms and shoulder joints. Movement with sticks is carried out in such a way that the weight of the body is fully transferred to the equipment, with the body is tilted forward.

Mastering this type of technique is recommended after you have mastered the basic Scandinavian walking, as well as instructions on how to perform alternate steps. In this way, you can reduce the high stress on the arm muscles that arise during movement.

Scandinavian walking with sticks: “cat walk”

Scandinavian walking with sticks preserves and even increases the effect of double support, and the load on the spine and knees is reduced. The “cat’s gait” technique is based on the smooth rolling of the foot from the heel to the toe, the top of the heel stretches up, the back remains even.

Despite the apparent simplicity, the first lessons of Scandinavian walking, which will be conducted by an experienced instructor, will show that it takes time and perseverance to master the correct movements.

Scandinavian walking with sticks: “Christmas tree”

The best way to climb and descend from the steep slide is to use the herringbone technique. It is best to start studying the technique of this step when you have experience of mastering the basic step of the Scandinavian method. When the herringbone technique will be mastered, you can conquer the complex routes.

With the “Christmas tree” legs are put “scissors”, hands with sticks are located on the width of the legs (a little wider), so that during the Scandinavian walking you do not stumble upon the equipment. Arms and legs should work alternately when using this technique.

Remember that you need patience, time and effort to master any technique. And it will be much more productive and fun, and the instructions will be much clearer if the training will be conducted by an experienced trainer on an individual program or in group classes.