Whether you’re struggling about which kinds of BBs should you buy or if you are just interested to find out more about airsoft pellets than you’ve come to the right place. Airsoft pellets are the spherical projectiles the airsoft guns use and are made usually of plastic. Despite the popular trend of calling them „BBs” they are not, in fact, the same projectiles like the BB guns fire and which are made of metal. The most common diameter measure of an airsoft pellet is 0.24 in and as for weight they are not as dense as actual metal BBs. The most popular weights are 0.12 g, 0.20 and 0.25 g. Let’s see what kinds of airsoft pellets are out there and what are their essential qualities and understand their potential to improve your game.

1. Biodegradable

These don’t really offer an advantage gameplay-wise, but considering how conventional pellets are damaging to the environment, it’s worth investing a bit extra in biodegradable BBs if you are the kind of person that cares about ecological issues.

2. Tracers

Also known as glow-in-the-dark pellets, they can be ’charged’ by a device with a burst of light in order to remain luminescent in flight. This could be really useful during nocturnal games.

3. Non-traceable pellets

Basically the opposite of the tracer pellets. Normally, BBs are white but this type of pellet is dark colored so that your opponents can’t distinguish them as easily so as to not divulge your spot. This sounds helpful but there are downsides, the shooter has a tougher time seeing his own trail of shots.

4. Paint-spherical projectiles

Similar to those pellets used in paintball, these filled with paint but are mostly incompatible with airsoft mechanized feeding systems and some companies warn that using these special projectiles voids the airsoft gun’s warranty. In this case, you are probably better off switching to paintball than using such BBs.

5. Markers

This type of projectile is coated in a special powder that leaves a little colored mark on the stricken surface. Beware of powder deposits if you intend to use these as they can build-up over time if these pellets are left in any part of the airsoft gun and you aren’t used to regularly cleaning your gun.

6. Silica or bio-inert

Fabricated with 100% silica, these BBs are much evenly distributed and as a consequence, they fly more accurately. But because of their improved strength, some airsoft facilities don’t permit them due to safety concerns.

7. Metallic

Metal pellets can be used with airsoft guns but because of the potentially injurious impact from this type of projectiles, they are only suitable for target shooting.

9. Ceramic

These pellets are created from laboratory-grown crystal lattice structures, designed with extra precision in mind to ensure a perfectly uniform weight, dimensions, and surface shape. The idea behind this careful designing is to provide ideal ballistic performance and much more accurate and consistent flight patterns. They are more expensive than basic plastic BBs and the material can be more powerful so ceramic projectiles are not well suited for close-quarters play.

So there you have it, there are different kinds of airsoft pellets on the market and making the best choice is up to you in the end. There are articles on airsoft bbs that can shed a light on some of the best deals on the market for airsoft BBs so be sure to check that out.